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This Generation's Showstoppers!

Malambo Gauchos is a troupe of elite dancers and performers deft in the arts of gaucho dancing as seen on America's Got Talent, Superstars of Dance and BBC's Paul Daniels Show. These group of dancers perform with the ancient weapon of the boleadoras (bolos) spinning them at speeds of more than 90 M.P.H.! They hail from Argentina,  the land of the gauchos—South American Cowboys,  and are a sure-fire way to take your show, event or gala to the next level! Malambo Gauchos is the top-of-the-top in high-energy crowd-pleasing acts. Consisting of elite performers from famous  troupes like Los Huincas Gauchos, The Argentinian Gauchos, Los Diablos, Malevo and Los Pampas, among others. Collectively they have been awarded the Best Specialty Act in Las Vegas Award and appeared in a Royal Command Performance for Her Majesty, The Queen of England. They command the stage with their deft use of the bolos, dancing to the frantic rhythms of the bombos (drums) and incorporating high-energy routines with whips, capes and knifes. As if this wasn't enough, they engage the  audience with interactive and side-splitting comedy. Malambo Gauchos is truly a showstopper!


A Proven Track Record

If  you  are  looking  to  kick-start  a  morning  session  and  leave  your  audience  energized  and  ready  for  the  keynote  or  simply  want  to  open  your  next  event  with  a  power-punch  of  excitemen,  Malambo  Gauchos  is  the  perfect  booking!


Adaptability & Versatility

We  have  the  ability  to  engage  the  audience  in  four  languages  and  incorporate branding  or  your  messaging  into  our  show.  Ask  us  why  McDonald’s,  IBM,  Arby’s,  Royal  Caribbean  and  many  others  trusted  us  with  entertaining  their  guests.  

Malambo Gauchos Promo

Malambo Gauchos promo video showcasing the talent of this gaucho troupe that’s taking America by storm!



Louis B Hobson — Calgary Herald

"It’s impossible to capture the electricity of these eight dancers. Whole pockets of the capacity audience rose to give them a much-deserved standing ovation."


Darren Krause — Livewire Magazine

"The Malambo Gauchos were spectacular. This Argentinian troupe and their bolas (long chains with a ball on the end), whips, drums and spectacular footwork were easily the best act of the night. Chains, sparks, and personality – this was the wow moment of the night that got the most crowd response."


Stephanie Hannah — Trace3

"They were AMAZING! They brought the house down and made the Outlier Award Gala super exciting!"

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Malambo Gauchos