How Long Is Your Performance?

Malambo Gauchos performances range from a 3 minute flash performances that kickstarts an event or keynote session all the way to a 45 minute fully contained show. Our standard show is between 10 to 12 minutes.

What Is The Difference Between A 3-5 Minute Performance And 45 Minute Show?

You get the same high-energy performance that drive audiences wild however with the 45 minute show we include audience interaction, comedy segments and video content when possible.

How Many Performers Are In Malambo Gauchos?

Malambo Gauchos number of performers range from 4 to 10. Depending on size of stage and budget available we can accommodate a flexible number of gauchos into our performances. 

What Are The Travel Requirements for Malambo Gauchos?

We travel self contained with our drums and costumes. Typically, we can nest up to three drums into one bag for ease of travel and reduction in luggage fees. When using our Percussion Station, we ship it in advance to our location. The drums used in the Percussion Station are rented from a local backline supplier.

What Are The Rooming Requirements For The Act?

We require three single rooms and the rest are double occupancy rooms depending on the number fo performers.

Will the Boleadoras or "Bolos" Damage the Stage?

We take great precautions to ensure that the stage or stage cover is kept from unusual damage. Our bolos are made of teflon, a material that is easier on stages than old bolos. When considering the impact it will have on a stage, you can compare it with standard tap dancing shoes. A plywood or equivalent can be used to dance with the bolos should it be necessary.

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Do You Always Perform With the Pyro Bolos?

We perform with the Pyro Bolos only when a licensed pyrotechnics technician is provided by the client or venue and the performance is approved by the local fire marshall. We follow ever law and ordinance to the letter. Next, safety is paramount and if all conditions are met we can then move forward with the pyro finale segment in our act.

What Do You Do In Place Of The Pyro Bolos?

We have an amazing routine with bolos that brings the house down as well as the possibility of incorporating an LED light effect.

What Are Your Sound Requirements?

We require wireless drum mics for each drum as well as one wireless headset mic and a lavalier mic for every performer in the act. When performing the "malambo" or tapping section, we require one wireless lavalier per dancer (usually four).

What Languages Do You Speak In The Act?

English, but we like to address audiences in their native language. We are of course fluent in Spanish and have performed comedic routines in Italian, French and Japanese.

Can Malambo Gauchos Incorporate Branding Into The Act?

When performing corporate shows we love to get into the spirit of the company we are performing for and can definitely incorporate everything from inside jokes to actual product branding or company themes. This must be advanced weeks prior to the performance.

Can Malambo Gauchos Incorporate The CEO Of Our Company Into The Show?

Yes! As a matter of fact, we have hilarious routines where we can incorporate any team member of a company. Again, this must be consulted with plenty of time in advance.